School’s Out for Summer – Oh No! 


If you are anything like me, a schedule is life. I know that with children we make plans and the big man upstairs laughs. But for the most part, my schedule during the school year stays on course each week. Maybe a few changes here and there, but nothing that completely sends my ship into rocky waters. However, when summer comes along, my ship seems to be running only on rocky waters. My entire routine goes right out the door and my anxiety starts to go through the roof.

While I am a work-from-home-mom, it isn’t as easy as it seems when it comes to keeping the kids entertained during the summer and getting my work done. Kids at home more during the day means this momma is less able to get work done, which makes for a crazy, high-anxiety mom. And let’s face it; no one wants that!

So, as I start to work on transitioning from my regular school/work schedule to the carefree summertime, I am trying to find a balance between work and play. Because it can never be all work and no play, right? Although my summer schedules haven’t worked out exactly as planned in the past, I am praying this is the one that sticks.

Below is what I have so far; I hope that by sharing my ideas I will be more likely to stick to them — I don’t want to let you down. I’m also hopeful to receive feedback or ideas you might have about transitioning into the summer season.

Wake Up in Action

I am not going to lie. I loved summers where you can sleep in and stay up late. But as a mom this is no longer freeing as it was in my younger years. Sleeping in means rushing throughout the day to get things done. And when I am rushing as a mom, well, let’s just say no one is happy. Therefore, this summer I really want to wake up in action. I want to set my alarm each morning and wake up ready to go!

I understand this doesn’t mean I will be waking up with a smile on my face or a hop in my step at 8am, but I hope to start my day in a calmer fashion, which means a calmer day for everyone. Doing a walk through of the house, starting the laundry, getting my plans together for the day, etc. can help me focus on the day and be more productive.

I also hope to use morning hours for writing while my three-year-old sleeps. Even just an hour or two of writing can make all the difference first thing in the morning before my toddler gets up ready to conquer the day! I want to use my summer mornings to my advantage since I never really have in the past (because I have been sleeping!).

Making Time for Me

I am horrible about making time for me and I think all moms are. However, with an earlier start to my morning, I hope to use some of that time for me. Even if it means getting up at 7:30am instead of 8am, I want to use those 30 minutes to sit in peace and quiet on my porch with a cup of coffee. Perhaps I can go for a walk/run in the morning or practice some meditation. I think this will help me get into writing/work mode and make me more productive. Don’t you think?

Take One Day a Week for Family

I always say I want to have a family night and it never happens. I really want to make one happen this summer. It can be having breakfast together before everyone’s day gets started or having a family game night. Either way, I just really want us to make more family memories this summer.

In the past, I feel like we’ve been running around screaming, “Let’s go!” or just working, working, working! But this summer I want to make sure that during work and running errands I take a break for an hour or two to enjoy my family. I need your ideas for family day, so be sure to let me know what works for you! 

Teenagers Need Jobs

In our household, I am not the only one making a transition this summer. My girls are also transitioning to their first summer jobs. I fully believe that once you hit a certain age, you need to have a job. Bored teenagers are never a good thing. Plus with them at work, this momma will be able to have a clear mind knowing they are safe at work! In this day in age, I believe that children need to be taught the value of a dollar; they need to see how much work is put into making money and earning a paycheck.

This summer, I have a 15- and 16-year-old and they both will be working. One as a lifeguard and one as a babysitter/nanny. Although I might be happier for them than they are for themselves about working this summer, I know this is going to be a great time of growth for them. I am eager to watch them learn the lessons that come with having a job and am excited to see how they take this foundation into their career.

However, I don’t want it to be all work! So I want to set aside at least one day a month (if not two) where we can have a date and stay in touch during the busy summer season. Although I would like to get together once a week, since they are teenagers, I figure I’ll have to take a date or two a month.

Moms how are you handling the transition into summer? I’d love any feedback you may have on what I can do to improve my summer schedule!