Four Ways Parents Can Help Advanced Learners Extend Their Learning


If you’re a parent of a high-achieving student who learns quickly and becomes bored easily, you might often worry: is my child learning enough? Sreenu Pamidi of the Chattanooga Huntington Learning Center says such parents should consider extending their children’s learning through supplemental activities.

“Parents can greatly enhance their children’s education with extended learning,” he says. “As teachers do in the classroom, parents should offer their high-achievers opportunities to maximize their potential and expand their skill sets.”

Sreenu Pamidi offers parents a few practical ways to get their advanced learners delving into subjects and engaging in deeper thinking—whether going to school remotely, in person, or a hybrid:

1) Suggest a research project.

If your student has a favorite subject or area of interest, an independent study project could be a wise use of any extra time. The great thing about such an endeavor is that it is student-driven and can really ignite your child’s excitement about learning more about a topic that is meaningful.

2) Take reading beyond just reading.

Reading is one of the simplest and best ways to keep your child learning. But if your child’s reading routine needs something extra, what about starting a family or friend book club? If your child is reading a book that was later adapted into a movie, plan a movie night. If reading about an influential figure, research age-appropriate documentaries that could enrich the learning and further pique your child’s interest in the topic.

3) Turn your kitchen into a science lab.

For much of 2020, parents everywhere have been looking for every opportunity to keep their children busy and having fun at home. Kitchen science experiments can be ideal entertainment, especially for younger learners, and an awesome way for your child to apply some of the science concepts taught in school. Ask your child’s teacher for ideas or search the Internet – there are lots of options for all ages, from making invisible ink to creating a “tornado in a bottle” to making different kinds of slime.

4) Have them set big goals.

It’s important for high-achieving students to understand that big objectives require effort. The benefit of encouraging your child to set a larger goal is it teaches him or her to break that down into smaller short-term goals. So, whether your child wants to take on a book challenge, earn a scholarship, or something else, setting personal learning goals is worthwhile.

A final tip, parents: talk with your child’s teachers! Teachers are good resources for ideas on how parents can guide children to achieve their highest potential. Your partnership with school is essential always, and this year especially. Teachers can help you enhance and extend your child’s learning outside the classroom. 

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Sreenu Pamidi has been a very enthusiastic learner throughout his life. He migrated from India with a Masters degree in Engineering and worked for 17 years in Research & Development in many Fortune 500 companies. He got another Masters degree from Harvard University Extension School in Management and Operations while working full time with a family of two kids. Education is the single most important thing since he was a kid. He currently owns a small business and is looking to help the families/students and community to have better skills and enjoy the fruits of good education throughout their life. He is ready to help anyone who walks through the doors of Huntington Learning Center Chattanooga. We wish everyone happy holidays!

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