Finding Your Outlet


Finding Your Outlet by Cassidy

The year 2020 has been a wild ride so far. Every day something new is thrown at us, and if you’re like me, it’s been a hard year to keep my emotions in check. As moms, we often lose ourselves a bit when we have children. That’s just the way it goes and it’s a really beautiful thing at times. I’ve learned this year though, for the sake of my sanity, it’s important that I have an outlet just for me that doesn’t involve my kids. Don’t get me wrong; I love having hobbies and things I do only with them, but to be the best mom I could be during this crazy year, I needed to focus on myself some, too.

Enter hobbies…

I know, what are hobbies when you’re a mom?? Also, what are hobbies when there’s a global pandemic happening? Over the course of motherhood, I’ve had people ask me what my hobbies are and I draw a complete blank every single time. It’s like they’re asking me to speak a foreign language; I just can’t formulate an answer. My husband can quickly spout off his without hesitation. He loves working out, playing golf, fishing, and riding his bike. I enjoy those things from time to time as well, but not enough to make a “hobby” out of them. When March of this year rolled around and we were staying at home 24/7, I quickly realized I needed an outlet to help me stay sane. Once we fell into a bit of a routine, I noticed that I already did have a few hobbies under my belt, I just hadn’t recognized it before. I also came to the realization that even though someone else may not consider what I’m doing as a hobby per say, it was definitely an outlet that worked for me. As time went on and we had even more time in our daily schedule, I added a few more activities that have really helped me stay grounded and not lose my mind during these weird times.

Here are a few things I would’ve never considered my hobbies back in February, but now that we’re in October, I definitely consider them some of my favorite outlets when I need “me time.” These are what work for me and I know every mom is different, but maybe you’ll find some inspiration below.


I have been an avid reader for YEARS, and thanks to being at home half of the year this year, reading has turned into one of the things I do the most. At any given point in the day, you can find me with my Kindle in hand, lost in a world that’s not my own. Reading has been one of the best escapes I could ask for this year. Even if you don’t consider yourself a reader, the right book can turn it all around for you.


I have loved photography since I was in elementary school, and I’ve focused more and more on it since I’ve had children. I know it seems like everyone is a photographer these days, but let me tell you, you don’t have to be good at taking pictures to enjoy it. You don’t have to travel the world to do it either. The vast majority of my pictures are of my boys, and I’ve never regretted one time spending a little chunk of change on my camera and snapping away.

Digital Art

This is something that is completely new to me, but I love it already. Back in August, I ordered myself an iPad, Apple Pencil, and the ProCreate app and got busy. I’m no Picasso by any means, but it’s fun to have an artistic, creative outlet without scattering supplies all over my dining room table. I used YouTube and Pinterest to help me figure out the ins and outs of digital drawing, and it really helped me!


As evidenced by my time on Chattanooga Moms, I love to write. It’s been a therapeutic outlet for me for a long time, and whether it’s journaling or blogging, writing really lets me express myself. The beautiful thing about writing is that it can be done and nobody other than you ever has to lay eyes on it. Even though some may scratch their head when I say writing is a hobby of mine, it’s definitely one of my favorites.

As you can see, you can turn pretty much anything you enjoy into a bona fide hobby. It’s really important as mothers that we have something to call our own during this crazy stage of life. As long as it’s something that is fulfilling to you, it doesn’t matter if it meets the needs of someone else’s hobby checklist.