Forest Fun Center {Indoor Play Area}


Forest Fun Center {Indoor Play Area}As summertime has settled in, most of us have spent most of our days exploring outside, splashing in the pool, and eating our weight in popsicles. We are doing everything to beat the summer heat, but sometimes it’s just unbearable, and nothing beats playing indoors with that good ol’ A/C running. 

What if your kids could experience adventure and a forest-like atmosphere, while playing indoors and happily without you?

Back in March 2020, right when everyone went into isolation, a new local indoor play area, Forest Fun Center had planned their grand opening. As soon as they opened their doors, they were forced to close them. After personally following them on social media for a year, seeing them build each unique piece, I really wanted to highlight this new local business.

Recently, the Forest Fun Center reopened, so my toddlers (ages three and one) and I went to check it out. The kids and I were captivated by the creative atmosphere. It’s apparent the space was designed for a child’s imagination to roam free through exploration and make-believe play. Although there were a variety of fun activities for babies, toddlers, and kids to partake in, it was a space where a child’s imagination could roam free to explore, create, and daydream. 

The impeccable design makes you feel like you are in the forest — from the boulders and hills to climb on, to the cave room with stars lighting up the walls, to the glowing mushrooms attached to elements throughout the room — but you are playing indoors! It was refreshing to be in a place of entertainment without screens or prizes.

Forest Fun Center has many activities for your baby, toddler, or child to enjoy! Some of the activities include: putt-putt golf, hills and boulders to climb, slides (2), ring toss, a ball drop, corn hole, a cave room, multiple fish tanks, and an open space for children to play. There’s a toy section to enhance your child’s imaginative play like stacking blocks, books, forest themed stuffed animals, a tent, s’mores play food set, etc. 

Beaver Dam aquarium; Cave Room

Another great component is the accessible kitchen, which is available for all customers to utilize. There’s a refrigerator and a microwave, so that you can bring your own snacks and meals. We all know how fast a child can get hangry when having fun! There are beautiful wood tables and benches to sit at while you snack. In viewing distance, there are aquariums your family can enjoy. 

Restroom is complete with a private nursing room and a separate baby changing station area.

And last but not least, the restroom is adorable and most importantly clean! There’s a changing station room attached to a bathroom, so your toddler can take their potty break, while you change the baby. Multi-tasking never ends, only amplifies in public restrooms, am I right? (#momlife) If you are a nursing mother, there is a private nursing room too.

Birthday Throne; Forest Fun Center’s kitchen makes party planning even easier!

The Forest Fun Center is currently open for play on Monday – Friday from 10am to 4pm. The cost is $10 per child (sibling under 18 months is FREE).

Forest Fun Center is available to rent for birthday parties and special events. 2 Hour Rental Pricing: $199 (after hours weekday) and $249 (weekend). If you book your future party now, there is a 15% off special when you do (offer expires on August 30, 2020). Please refer back to the Forest Fun Center’s website for additional pricing information or questions.

If you do go check out Forest Fun Center, make sure to let them know you read this Chattanooga Moms post for $2 off your first visit. 

Both of my kids absolutely loved playing here. We stayed for two hours before heading home to nap!

Will you be checking out Forest Fun Center? Let us know in the comments if you plan to go!


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