My Favorite Amazon Finds: Things I Never Knew I Needed


My Favorite Amazon Finds: Things I Never Knew I Needed Oh Amazon, how I love you. I love shopping locally and supporting small businesses — we are small business owners ourselves — however, as a mom of three, I can’t pass up the convenience of Amazon Prime. Running errands to pick up one or two items with multiple children in tow is just not worth it. Funnily enough, I only started using Amazon once my second child was born five years ago. Once I had two children, I discovered Amazon’s two-day delivery and have not looked back.

For fun, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite finds on Amazon. These are the items that I get excited about and love to share with my friends, things I never knew I needed but now can’t live without.

I hope you enjoy my favorite ever Amazon purchases:

Battery holder: Every home needs this. It hangs conveniently on my laundry room wall, high enough away from curious little hands. Batteries stay organized by size, you can easily see what you have and what size you may need, and my favorite part is the built-in battery tester! You can easily test your batteries to see if they are still good. No going back to digging through a basket for batteries.

Paint by Sticker books: We absolutely love these books. My boys (ages five and seven) love to work on these during their quiet times. I try to spread them out and buy the seasonal ones for fun, and always have a few hidden away in my closet for summertime, road trips, etc. These are also my go to birthday gifts for friends. There is so much variety to choose from and my kids love the satisfaction of completing one. The final results are actually really pretty!

Mag Builders: This is probably my boys’ favorite toy and they have consistently played with it for years. There are endless ways to build them, they easily come together to create different designs, and entertain kids for long periods of time. I have also bought this for our kids’ classes at church, and it is truly the go-to favorite toy for all the children.

CRZ Yoga pants with pockets: These are the only yoga pants I buy. The stretch is perfect, the waist is just right, and of course I couldn’t live without the pocket. They come in every color imaginable and also in capri length for spring and summer. I absolutely love these!

Wilton Set of two baking pans with lids: These are my go-to pans for cooking sheet pan type dishes, baked chicken, casseroles, cakes, brownies — you name it. I love them because they come with lids! You cook in the pan, then just pop the lid on it and put it in the refrigerator if you have leftovers. There’s no washing and transferring to another dish with a lid to store leftovers. It saves you a step and as a busy mom, that is gold!

Nylon mesh bags: These come in a set of five different colors. I love these for my purse and have used them for several years. I color coded them, so when I look into my bag, I know exactly which one to reach for depending on what I need. For example, my blue one is for band-aids, Neosporin, etc. My orange one is for little cars and toys when at restaurants or waiting rooms. These bags are such an easy way to organize all the things in fun colors.

Easy lunch boxes: When my oldest started school a few years ago, I did tons of research on lunchboxes and probably went through at least three during his first year. Some started molding in the creases and others were just so hard to wash all the tiny compartments. I stumbled upon these and have been using these the past three years and love them. They are super easy to wash and there is no rubber lining in the lids for mold to develop in. And the best part is that the lids and boxes are interchangeable! No more trying to find the right lid for the right box. These are truly the easiest lunch boxes I have found.

Stainless steel coffee scoop: I love finding little ways to make things I do every day more efficient and this is one of them. This stainless steel scoop easily sits in your coffee container, yet stays at the top for easy access. It measures two tablespoons so you have fewer scoops when preparing your coffee pot. When pretty meets functional, it’s a winner in my book.

And there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this list. I’d love to know: what are your favorite Amazon finds?


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