My Favorite Apps


My Favorite Apps

20 years ago, I bought my first cell phone. It was an older Nokia and all I could do with it was make calls and send basic texts. Today, my phone keeps me organized, helps me plan meals and answers most of my questions. Besides the typical social media apps like Facebook and Instagram I use to connect with friends and family, I have certain apps that I check almost daily.

Here are my top 5:

LIFE360: Life360 is a phone tracking app. My husband and I downloaded it when he was traveling a lot for work. It helped me to see that he had made it to a location safely. It’s also great for when your kids are away on school trips or for teens who might be starting to drive. Another plus is having it connected to my parents. Sometimes when my mom doesn’t answer her cell phone, it’s easy for me to check Life360 and see where she is.

DIGIT: I am the worst saver, and sometimes I spend frivolously (I’m working on it). The Digit app helps make financial goals without having to think too much about it. It is connected to my bank and analyzes what I spend. It then shaves off a couple of cents here and there, and adds it to a savings account. It never takes out too much at a time so when I check it, I see that I have saved money for a rainy day!

VENMO/CASH APP: I rarely carry cash, but sometimes I need access to money quickly. Cash App and Venmo are both easy ways to transfer money to others. People have their pros and cons about each, so I would do research and figure out which one best suits your needs. But both have been lifesavers when I need to pay someone back for lunch or need to collect money for fundraisers my kids have for sports teams or extracurricular activities.

SUPERCOOK: Don’t know what to make for dinner? Supercook allows you to input the ingredients you have in your kitchen, and it gives you recipes you can make with what you have! Genius, right? I can’t count how many times I get home and have no idea what to cook, but this app allows me to have some options without having to think about it.

REMIND 101: Remind 101 is an educational communication app for teachers, students and parents. It is a way for teachers and students to communicate through text in real time. However, no personal contact information is shared, so it’s safe. If your kid’s teachers use this, make sure you sign up and stay connected to announcements for classes. The best thing is that you can connect it to your phone’s messenger, so the texts go directly to your phone!

What are your go-to apps?


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