My Last Baby


My Last BabyMy last baby is potty trained. So many of my friends get so sad when they realize they will never change their baby’s diaper again and that they are done having babies, but I have enjoyed it…

Don’t get me wrong; I loved when my babies were babies! But when we decided we were done having kids, we had just had a surprise baby (after already saying we were done having kids). God knew what he was doing because my daughter brought so much joy in such a sad time in our lives. She was born a month and a half after we lost my father-in-law to cancer. She was a precious light in a dark few months.

After we had her, we shut down this baby factory and I was happy with that decision. We have four amazing kids and our family is complete. With each stage, friends ask if I’m sad, if I wish I could have another one, or if I regret not having more — the answer is no. I get to spoil my great-nephew and then send him home to his parents. I get to enjoy my kids. I get to relish in the ages and stages they are in.

It’s okay to be happy when you are done having kids, just like it is okay to be sad. Let’s normalize letting people feel how they feel when it comes to their family being complete. We go through so many emotions in parenthood, it’s okay to feel how you feel when you are done having kids.

When my great-nephew was born, I was honored to help his momma learn to nurse him. I love helping mommas learn to breastfeed, I love answering questions, and I love being there for that journey however long it is. I’ve nursed four babies and when she needed help I was happy to be there. After we left the hospital, my mom asked if I missed nursing and having babies of my own. I smiled and shook my head. No, I can honestly say I am happy with where I am and I am happy to be able to snuggle and love and spoil my great-nephew, then give him back.

I loved that time of my life, but I am happy in this stage of life now.