Chattanooga Sunday Drives


Sunday Drives

Call us old fashioned, but a favorite thing my husband and I like to do is drive around. In fact, most of our childless date nights consist of eating out somewhere in Chattanooga and driving around town. We love looking at houses, seeing the history of our city, and daydreaming of our future while we take leisurely drives through the streets of Chattanooga.

We’ve been doing this for almost 15 years, so we know the best locations to hit up when we’re ready to explore. These favorites include:

Chattanooga Sunday Drives

Fort Wood: This is a historical neighborhood located right beside UTC’s campus. The houses here are old and beautiful, and the few square blocks that make up this neighborhood are well worth the drive. We spent many days navigating these streets when we were in college, so it always stirs up fond memories of our first years together.

Missionary Ridge/North Crest Rd. and South Crest Rd.: Some of the most stunning views of Chattanooga can be found on Missionary Ridge. The houses located on North Crest Rd. and South Crest road are some of the most beautiful in our area. From sprawling estates to quaint craftsman style houses, this little stretch of Chattanooga won’t disappoint.

NorthShore/Hixson Pike: The NorthShore is one of Chattanooga’s hippest and oldest neighborhoods, and the amount of homes in this area makes it a great spot for a quick drive. You can explore the old craftsman style homes on the NorthShore, and with a few turns, you can see the sprawling estates located on the Chattanooga Golf and Country Club. If you make your way up Hixson Pike, you can also enjoy the homes in the Enclave neighborhood as well as beautiful homes located on the main road.

Lookout Mountain: If you are up for a longer drive, Lookout Mountain has some great views. Our favorite areas to drive around on the mountain are located between the Lookout Mountain Golf and Country Club and Point Park in the Fairyland area. You can see beautiful homes on the Georgia side as well as the Tennessee side. Many of these quaint homes and streets are located close to Rock City, and have adorable fairytale names.

St. Elmo/Southside/West Village: St. Elmo is a busy area in Chattanooga, but the homes are both historical and beautiful. This neighborhood wasn’t always known for its beauty, but after a lot of hard work, it’s been rebuilt to its original glory. Just north of St. Elmo is the Southside district, and the houses there are so charming. There are restaurants and shops throughout the neighborhood, so it’s also a great one to walk through. Just up the street from here is the West Village, and it has some beautiful condos, hotels, restaurants, and old churches that always make it fun to explore.

Chickamauga Battlefield/Ringgold: One of our favorite routes is through the Chickamauga Battlefield. The history, views, and the wildlife make this drive a great one. Just outside of the Battlefield on the Ringgold side, around Three Notch Rd. and Burning Bush, you can drive long, curvy roads and view some stunning homes and farms. This little slice of the countryside is heavenly.

McLemore Cove: If you’re feeling up for a long drive, you need to explore McLemore Cove in Georgia. This area lies between West Cove Rd. and Hogjowl Rd., and it’s absolutely breathtaking. The houses, farmland, and mountain views make this spot my favorite. You can drive home and explore the cute, historic, downtown Chickamauga, or you can drive up Lookout Mountain and explore its rural side.

If you’re a fan of Sunday drives like my husband and I are, I hope this little list gives you some new spots to explore.

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