Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season


Ways To Give Back This Holiday Season

Christmas is the season of giving, and this is a great time to show your children what giving back really means! There are no shortages of charitable organizations you can donate to this time of year. Whether you want to give from the comfort of your home or volunteer your time, hopefully this list can help you and your family give back however you are able.

Chattanooga Charities

Chattanooga Boys and Girls Club – This organization is big in Chattanooga, and they are doing some great things in our city. You can give a monetary donation online, or you can volunteer to help inside a local Club.

Erlanger’s Children’s Hospital – Chances are if you’ve ever had a sick child, you’ve been to Erlanger’s Children’s Hospital in Chattanooga. This is a great facility that does some amazing things for our children. You can donate money or you can volunteer your time and efforts at the Ronald McDonald House on Erlanger’s campus.

Chambliss Center – The Chambliss Center is a staple in the Tennessee foster care system. They are helping children who need it most. You can donate or volunteer your time at the center.

Chattanooga Community Kitchen – The Community Kitchen is always looking for eager volunteers, especially during the busy holiday and winter season.

Chattanooga Area Food Bank – This is another busy spot that’s always looking for donations and volunteers.

Chattanooga Rescue Mission – Here is another great local charity where you can volunteer your time or money! They are especially busy during the cold winter months.

Chattanooga Room in the Inn – This wonderful charity is specifically for women and children in the Chattanooga area. You can donate your time or money here.

Shepherd’s Arms Rescue Mission – This is another great facility dedicated to getting women and children back on their feet.

Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition – This great organization helps the homeless community in our city.

National and International Charities 

Toys for Tots – Make sure every child has a gift to open this Christmas!

Operation Christmas Child – Fill a shoe box to meet the needs of children all over the world this Christmas! You can pack your own shoe box or build one online.

Compassion International – Sponsor a child or donate to help children all over the world receive the education and medical care they deserve.

Lifewater International – Help children all over the world receive clean drinking water.

World Vision – Another great organization dedicated to helping children worldwide.  

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – This hospital in our home state is doing some wonderful things for children all over the United States.

The Salvation Army – This organization helps families all over the United States when they need it most.

This list doesn’t even scratch the surface of charitable organizations you can donate to, but I hope it’s a starting point for you and your family!


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