Why You Should Get a Library Card


Why You Should Get a Library Card

Since getting my library card last year, I’ve come to love the Chattanooga Public Library. When I was little, the library was where we went to wait for our parents and there just wasn’t much for us when we were in our teens. These days however, the library seems so cool. In college, I used my library card maybe twice in 10 years. I’ve used my current card more than that in less than a year.

So why should you get a library card? Well, let me tell you.

Books: I recently found out that the library received a large grant to purchase new items for their shelves. Since then, I have found numerous newly released books in all sorts of subjects. I have a growing list of books I want on Amazon and have discovered some of them at the library. This has given me the opportunity to check them out and see if they are books I want to have permanently take up residence on my shelves.

Audio and E-books: January isn’t over yet and I’m already on my fourth audiobook. When you have a library card you have access to Hoopla and Overdrive. Two apps for listening to and reading books on your phone. No more paying for Audible. Some books you may have to be put on a waiting list for, but when they are available, they will show up in your app. No more going to the library to get books on CD; you can check them out right from your phone. We use this especially when we are on long road trips as it gives us something else to listen to in the car.

Art: The downtown branch hosts exhibits and art installations throughout the year. At the end of 2020, they will host the United States Memorial Holocaust Exhibit. It’s a great way for you and your kids to discover history and art without paying a museum entrance. They also offer Sew What Saturdays, Craft Weekend, Scrabble Club, Crafting with Craft Beers, and Art Therapy for adults. Great for day dates or ways to learn a new skill.

The 4th Floor: There is so much offered in this 12,000 sq. foot public laboratory and education space. Need a meeting space? They have some. What to use a 3D printer? There’s one available. Want to learn some sewing? There’s a lab. Need to screen print some t-shirts? Want to record a CD or learn studio recording equipment? Need to take some headshots for your business? Looking to borrow some power tools? The 4th floor has everything you need for these areas and more. You can even take online courses in business, accounting, writing, design, law, teaching, technology, and more. Check out the “4th Floor” tab on the library’s website.

Movies: We have yet to sign up for Disney+ so in the meantime, I plan on borrowing all the Disney movies from the library for my little one to watch. They also have lots of newer adult movies for when you don’t want to rent them on Amazon Prime. Plus, I get the movies for a week because let’s face it, as moms we hardly get to watch something the whole way through in one sitting.

There is so much more that the library and each branch have to offer, especially for kids and teens. You can see a full list of what they offer on their website or Facebook. I don’t know about you, but I plan on using the resources to which I have access to my full advantage. I may take some online courses and research how to run a small business. I’ll definitely be knocking out my reading list with some audio books.

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