Last-Minute Ideas for the Fourth of July


Tuesday seems like a weird day for a holiday, doesn’t it? If you work, you probably want to take Monday off. If you plan on traveling and want to see fireworks, you might need Wednesday off, too. Or maybe you’ve forgotten Tuesday is a holiday at all.

(Or, like me, you’ve realized there are no camps this week because of the holiday and thus you are going to have four kids running/crawling around your house all week except for a rogue dentist appointment.)

If you’re looking for local fireworks and events, check out our Independence Day Events post. But for a few fun at-home activities and recipes, I’ve got you covered.

Fun Crafts & Activities

Patriotic Foods to Create

Delicious Dishes for a Cook-out

You might need to make a quick run to the store today, but I hope these ideas will get you through tomorrow — and maybe Labor Day, too! Enjoy the holiday, and let us know how you’re spending it in the comments.

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