Dear Husband, I Am Thankful for You


Dear Husband, I am Thankful for YouDear Husband, I am thankful for you.

We have been at this marriage thing for quite a while now — from adventurous trips and extravagant dates, to buying our first home and filling it with babies, and now watching our family grow — and I can tell you that I am more in love with you now than I ever have been. 

It’s true, we rarely leave the house for a date night. Instead, you can now find us eating snacks in bed while re-watching our favorite shows or breaking out a board game. Now, our adventurous trips are how adventurous we’re feeling with getting out and chasing our two toddlers around in public.

If my thirteen-year-old self had known this, I would have been devastated because the reality of what’s presented to us about love is false. Love is presented in such a glamorous way, when love really isn’t about those things — the gifts, extravagant getaways, or being saved anytime we’re in distress.

Instead, it’s about choosing and uplifting each other. It’s being patient and kind. It is not boasting, being envious, self-seeking, intending to be rude, or easily angered. (1 Cor 13:4-7) It’s about growing together. 

It has changed from getting butterflies when I saw you across the room to now getting butterflies when you are chasing the kids around the living room. Or when you decide to pick up a treat on the way home because you know it has been a rough day.

Straight from work time to daddy time!

If I pause to really think about it, you, my husband are even more romantic than my teenage self could have ever dreamed. 

At the end of the day, when my energy is spent, your adventurous spirit comes to play at a perfect time. After a long day at work, you never hesitate to play with the kids, listen to their day, and make all the silly play requests come true. You are the perk in our day we desperately need. 

You work hard so we have what we need and more. You provide not only for our family now, but also for the future. You are brilliant, passionate, and hard working.

While we can’t be carefree as much anymore, you sacrifice time on the weekends so I can have some time to myself to run errands, pamper myself, or just have some alone time. 

More than anything else, you respect and appreciate me as a mom. You always know the right moments to compliment me when it’s been a trying day or joke at how much the kids truly love me when they won’t let me out of their sight.

While he plays with the kids, I sneak away and have a bath. Thirty minutes of silence and alone time is the most precious gift you can give to a mother.

You provide what I need physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Our marriage isn’t perfect and it never will be because people aren’t perfect, but it is good. I am loved. My husband is loved. I appreciate my husband and all the ways he shows his love through all his hard work and dedication to our family. That’s true romance.

So, thank you to my husband and to all the men whom we love and who work hard to show us their love.


  1. Wonderful article Shannon! I loved reading it and hope you will write more. You are very talented!
    You have a precious family, and I agree Jacob is a really good husband and father. You all are so blessed, and I am so glad! We love you all.
    Jacob is our cousin.
    I taught first grade at R.L. Austin Elementary School
    and was the School Counselor in Georgiana.

  2. Shannon, this is awesome and so greatly worded. I am so glad you see the meaning of true love – so many of us never notice or are aware of. Love is shown in many ways.
    I have been the best friend of your Mother in Law since 2nd grade. We did everything together all through school. And I mean everything. When she tagged this to me, I thought she was thinking about Jack and I and our 44 years together. Then I caught onto the author. Great job! Keep up the good work. Keep writing. I love the pics of the children and Jacob. God has Blessed!

  3. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I totally agree that we are very blessed – we’ve been together for over 13 years. It’s been wonderful to grow together and raise our family.

    Thank you both again for your kind words. God has greatly blessed us. We truly appreciate all our family and friends.

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