One More in the Mix, We Are Going to be a Family of SIX!!



I have jumped on the pregnancy train again!!! This means I will have four kiddos five and under. I have literally been pregnant or nursing for 5+ years. People look at me like I am crazy, they ask very probing and personal questions (sometimes concerning my sanity), and as time has gone on, the excitement level we experienced when we first announced our pregnancies has steadily declined.

When we found out we were pregnant with baby number one, excited is probably not the word we would have used to describe our reactions. We had just had a conversation about waiting 5ish years before starting our family. It was a wise decision. We would travel the world, work, and enjoy being married. Plus I am an only child so I really needed to learn some sharing skills. But, SURPRISE…we were going to be parents! It was a shocker to us even. We hadn’t exactly been super careful, but we were certainly not trying for a baby at all!! After the shock wore off (several weeks later), naturally I began to pray for a boy…God, please can I have a boy! I mean I guess the PC answer is we wanted a healthy baby, but deep down I wanted a boy. I am not super girly, I have always hung with the guys, and I enjoy most things boy. And to my delight, at 22 weeks in, it was time to find out! Our unplanned baby would be a boy and now we were excited!

Baby 1

Fourteen months later…oh yeah baby! We’ve revamped the plan and we are just going for it. So here comes baby #2! Since we already had a boy, the question everyone was asking was “are you hoping it’s a girl?” NO, that’s the answer. NO! Now I already had a boy, I was kinda killin’ it and so I was bleeding inside for another boy. And so…as prayer would have it…baby #2 was a BOY! And we were super excited! Others reacted with words of partial sympathy and partial congratulations. But who cares…as far as I am concerned, bring on the BOYS!

Baby 2

Since we are just all in at this point…why not keep the ball rolling. On baby #2’s first birthday, I got pregnant again with baby #3!!! Now the questions got better:

“Are you hoping for a girl?”

“Was this planned?”

“Do you know what causes this?” (My personal favorite.)

First problem is…well you are rude for even thinking it’s okay to ask any of these, much less actually opening your mouth and asking. Next, my sex life and family planning (or not planning), is NONE of any one’s business. And, now I have a great collection of boy things…so “no” I am STILL not hoping for a girl, “yes” this baby was planned, and “no” what causes this? Could you please give me a lesson? As we moved past the less excited reactions, rude questions, and “oh wows,” I again began dreaming up boy names! So guess what…thank you Lord…baby #3 is also BOY! And most of all, we were excited again too!

Baby 3

And now I have this whole thing really down pat! So for baby #3’s birthday…that’s right folks…his gift was the pregnancy of another sibling!! But this time the questions are outright insane! However, now my skin is thick so it’s fine, here we go again. I am STILL not hoping for a girl, though I am starting to feel like it may be an okay option. But deep down, yeah I’d still love another BOY! At this point clearly I know what causes kids…and maybe I like it. And just so we cover it all, yep, this baby was also planned. And of course, this time we are EXCITED again! So I’ve been praying for a boy as this is my routine! And now, the results are in…we are again having a BOY!!!

Another Baby

Can you believe it?!?!? You guys, it’s like my wildest dreams are coming to life…like real living life! I am so thankful to be a boy mom! So here we go again…boys for the win! Gabriel, Luke, Tytus, and ??? Help a mama out and comment with name suggestions (but take a hint from all the other boys, it must be a biblical name or place).

So as we embark on our family of six, follow our journey #fourboymom will be my new jam!


  1. Love this! LOVE you! Keep those beautiful babies coming. ?
    Oh, and how about a Joel?
    It means “Jehovah is the Lord”

  2. I have an Ezekiel, we call him Zeke and love the Zeeker, Zekey nicknames that have developed 🙂 I will be having my third boy in October!

    • Megan, Thank you so so much! The mom’s of many are so encouraging. It’s nice to hear positive things about a big family instead of the money, time, and energy you “have” to put in. Jeff and I feel so so so blessed by these little boys and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

  3. ok ladies… it’s a big day! We have a name…… drum roll please…………………………….
    Our new addition will be named: Asa Jeffrey (AJ)

    I have always loved the name and my hubby was never quite on board, or we would find a name that just “fit” the baby better. This time, mister four, as earned the name!

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