The Traveling Mom Guilt


Oh, the glamorous life the jet-setting woman leads. Packing a bag just for herself, flinging her cares to the wind, hopping on a plane in one time zone and landing into an adventure in another. Not a guilt feeling or worry in the world. 

Ah…Mommas, can you feel the freedom?

Probably not if you are imagining the massive to-do list of tasks that must happen prior to your departure. The husband saying, “It will all be fine!” while you imagine him forgetting the sunscreen for just one day of summer camp and your kids being burnt to a crisp without you being there to apply the healing salve of a Momma’s love to their tender skin. The Grandparents stating, “We will feed them great!” when really, “great” is relative and actually means that they will be stuffing the precious, hard worked for, pure digestive systems of your children with more sugar than should be allotted in a year’s time frame. The teenage babysitter who says, “Hey! Is it okay to like take them to the park or something during the day?” brings the fast-moving image of them speeding down the highway to the mall to meet up with a questionable friend while the kids are most likely going to be forgotten or lost.

In reality, the people stepping in will be loving your children and shaping their lives in an expanded way, bringing benefit to them.

If you weren’t already feeling anxious from the picture I painted of a Mom’s guilt, maybe repeating this statement will bring that feeling: “I must let go of all control of my household, including the care of my children, and appear as if I am fully trusting that things will be okay. Not my way, but okay.” Now, there’s that feeling! Nothing like stating you will be giving up control to make you want to grip the Magic Wand of Motherhood a little tighter.

Let’s start by leaving the Mom guilt behind.

Did you know that 63% of travelers are female? You aren’t the only one leaving family and responsibility behind. The two main reasons women travel is to see the scenery of the world and for work-related responsibilities. I take about six trips away from home a week for those reasons, and also spend a half dozen or more nights away from home each month for quick trips. The guilt of leaving is always in the back of my mind. However, when I take the time to look into the faces of my three children and see their innocent smiles, I know that my fulfilling a life purpose and conquering fears will make them stronger individuals in the future.

When I come back from a trip, no matter how long or short, I sit down with my three kids and show them pictures. Giving them details of my trip and letting them know that I missed them oh so much. Taking time to listen to your teenager’s woes, seeing the little one’s newest block building creation, or hearing how your son saved his sisters’ lives from a yellow jacket when you weren’t home to be the one to protect. These are all special moments which allow for the guilt to melt away. You will be renewed and refreshed, and most likely saying “I am a better Mom for leaving them for a moment.”

If you were able to tell from my previous post, Take Care of Yourself, Momma, I am an advocate for the self-care of Mommas. Finding and meeting purpose in life will be the building block of your children’s lives. Currently, you may not consider yourself the best mother for traveling, but you are all your children have to look up to. What you pour into them, the experiences you shape for yourself and them, will in turn shape them.