A Letter To My Friends


A Letter To My FriendsI’m sorry. I am sorry that I can’t be as supportive and attentive as I once was. I often think about texting you to check in and see how everything is going and ask how your family is, but that thought quickly fades as I get distracted by attending to the babies. I promise it isn’t that I don’t care; in fact I do with all of my heart, but more often than not, I am unable to reach out when I would like to.

I’m sorry if I disappear mid-conversation or don’t text back for days. It isn’t that I wasn’t enjoying our conversation or felt no need to respond, but sometimes texts and conversations get lost in the constant chaos of my life. Having three kids and being a university student means that there is always something filling all of my time. At bedtime, I think about texting you and trying to catch up, but often the exhaustion of the day catches up to me and I need a moment to myself, and don’t always have the energy to engage in a conversation. I’d love to hang out more, but at this stage of my life, planning my day is out the window and outings are done on a whim based on our night’s sleep, naps, and the children’s moods that day.

In time, you will hear from me and see me more, but right now I have three little humans that need me the most.