Wishes For My Kids {Series} — Shannon’s Wishes


Every parent has wishes for their kids. Most of us begin to wish things for our child before they are even born, or perhaps conceived. Lately, I have been thinking about wishes for my daughter as she reaches for snuggles throughout our day.

To My Daughter,

The most giant hugs come from your tiny grasp. As you rest your sweet head on my chest, everything present melts away and my mind wanders to your future. You feel bigger each time I hold you. Right now, I’m your favorite — comedian, singer, booboo healer, place to sit — and you always want my attention. You think my imperfections are perfection.

I’m your home.

I won’t always remain those things to you though. Too quickly, you will grow up…and when you grow up, I wish for you so many things.

I hope you will always remember the truth of who you are.

You are bold, determined, and focused — may your dreams always be wild! Dreams can always be achieved no matter how old or young we are. I wish for you to take in all the beauty around you and in return, take care of your surroundings, turn clouds into art, and get lost in sunsets. May you always be curious and never lose your child-like spirit!

When the world tells you “no,” choose to stand your ground. However, I hope you will always choose to listen, even when you disagree. Learn and grow from others and things you do not always understand. When you become discouraged or enraged, I hope you find rest and renewed strength.

I hope for you to be brave and never lose sight of your voice — sometimes it can be just one person who tries to take it away. Always remember you are worthy, valuable, and good. 

I long for you to know you weren’t created for a man, but something much bigger than a prince charming.

To realize this life is the fullest when you love others and experience true Love. You were sculpted finely and without mistake. When you look into the mirror, I long for you to see the beautiful girl that those who love you see — what the world calls imperfections are what make you the most unique, the most you.

I long for you to be raised surrounded by friendships, which are strongly consumed with words of kindness, works of grace, and a keen imagination to never settle. And may as girls, you grow into women, who keep pushing each other to be a better version of yourselves —  more passionate, more forgiving, more accepting of who you are.

When you need support or wisdom, I long for you to know your family is there. We are many. Whether cheering you on, running your race with you, or being your “coach,” we are your #1 fans.

I wish for you to be filled with hope.

May you rise above when bitterness and distrust seep into your heart. I wish for you to see success when you think you have failed. For that pinhole of doubt to be overcome with faith and turn into a foot forward. Most times we do not understand our turmoil, but later we go on to discover that it led to an amazing opportunity, kindling a new friendship, or helping someone along on their own dark path. May you shed light when you see brokenness and share a helping hand when you see someone down. 

When you are surrounded by chaos and uncertainty, I wish for you to learn patience and choose the good. For this is called life and I hope you choose to celebrate all the messy and raw parts. These are the parts that change us and help us to grow. Remember that growing can be hard and exhausting, but the result is exhilarating and surprising.

I pray you remember grace when you meet a stranger.

And when you need it, I hope you show yourself that same grace. You were created to do greatness and by greatness I mean showing a smile to a stranger, befriending your neighbor, and changing the world to be a better place.

I pray that you choose to celebrate other women, instead of tearing them down. I pray for you to fight for your brother and sister, who may look different, speak different, or believe different than you. To not remain silent, but to embrace, encourage, and empower. 

I pray for you to radiate joy and speak truth. I pray for you to understand that love is patient, love is kind, and to share that love with all.

My daughter, I have many desires for you, but also I wish to always be a good example and provider. As parents, may we listen to you, encourage you, and instill hope. You are so loved, and we will always be here with open arms. And I pray that you will always move forward, one step at a time. Most importantly, I hope you know…

You’ll make lots of mistakes along the way,

Mistakes that you will want to undo,

And I will want to take away your pain for you,

But no matter what mistakes you make,

My love for you will always remain constant.

I love you, my daughter.


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