Code Like A Mother


Code Like A MotherYou may be wondering what I mean by “Code Like A Mother.” Let me explain: the digital world is looking for people like you (moms) to work. Why? Because you have the skills to get stuff done and you’re the backbone of your family and your community, so why not be the backbone of the Internet?

Whether you’re a stay-at-home (SAHM) who wants to make an income, a workforce mom who wants to be a SAHM, or a mom not satisfied with your current career, I have the job for you. No, it’s not selling a product, getting involved with a scam, or even being a telemarketer…it’s called coding.

Coding creates what you see on your device — websites, apps, and software. Without it, this blog, Facebook, or your favorite online retailer wouldn’t exist. (Want to learn more? Watch this.) Coding is everywhere; even though you don’t technically see it, it’s actually what you are looking at right now. Whether you are on a mobile device or computer, the browser is reading a programming language (coding) that is telling this website what to look like. Take a second; if you are on a PC, right click and then click on “Inspect.” What shows up on the bottom screen is the language that has built this very website.

Woah. Did I just blow your mind?

So, you may be wondering why I’m babbling on about coding. For the past month, I have been taking a web development course through Udacity. At first, what I saw appeared to be overwhelming, but now that I can understand most of the code, it’s intriguing. And yes, you read that correctly; I have only been learning how to code for a month.

Last fall, I decided to take a free course through Udactiy to see if I was interested in web development. Immediately, I loved it. It satisfied a part of me that wasn’t being fulfilled being a SAHM. I missed challenging myself, and learning how to code filled that hole, plus it has multiple benefits for my family’s future. In January 2018, I was awarded a Google scholarship for a Front End Web Development course through Udacity. (Interested? Learn more here.) I will complete the “nanodegree” program in six months and afterwards be prepared for a web developer job.

Check out my TOP reasons why you should give coding a go:

  • It’s time manageable. Most online programs are six months or fewer. Programs ideally like you to dedicate at least 10 hours a week. I usually do my schoolwork during my daughter’s nap or after she goes to bed.
  • High salary. Web developers are expected to make $50,000-$100,000+ based on experience. There are lots of companies willing to hire programmers remotely or on an hourly basis too. Also, you could start your own website development business if that interests you.
  • Minimal cost. A lot of programs are FREE or offer free courses to see if coding is a fit for you. However, some programs do cost money — costs vary from $20-$200+ per month, while others take a percentage of your first year’s salary as a developer. The online programs and university degrees are looking for more diversity, which means there are tons of scholarships specifically for women in this field if you would like to pursue a college degree.
  • Thriving career. Coding empowers women. It’s a career that offers financial security and career advancement opportunities. Also, it offers women the ability to improve their community by developing new services and impact the world through future innovations.
  • It’s never too late to try. No matter what season of life you’re in, know it’s never too late to learn or follow a dream. Remember all of those pep talks you’ve given your child about trying something new? Now is the time to use those words on yourself — you’ve got this!

Want to try out coding? Check out one of these great programs: Udacity, Code Academy, edX, KHAN Academy, CodeCombat, Treehouse, Quora, Lambda School, Bloc, FreeCodeCamp, and the list goes on! Also, be sure to check out the library for “Coding Club.”

Want to talk to other local coders to learn more? Code XX is an organization where women learn and code together, and Chattanooga Savvy Coders, whose next meet-up on February 21 is about “Code: Debugging the Gender Gap.”

Want to learn more about women and coding in general? Read this for the latest statistics, information on how women can get started in this career, and other resources.

Mamas, I hope I have inspired you to check out the world of coding and #codelikeamother! If coding turns out not to be the career for you, then check out the post SAHM: Legit Ways to Work from Home for other great job ideas. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions!


  1. So when you take on a job how long does it take for you to complete? Or, how many hours a day do you work? Is it based on what YOU want to work or whomever you work For? Very interested and will be checking this out. Thank you

    • That’s great! 😃 It depends on whether you’re working for yourself, via contract, or an employer. If via contract, then they will give you a set number of hours needed to complete the job. If you work for yourself, then you would have to gain clients and could charge by the hour (so it’s up to you and how large the project is/what the client wants on how long it takes). I hope that helps! I’m still a student too. 😎

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