Finding Peace In Uncomfortable Seasons


Finding Peace In Uncomfortable SeasonsI cannot believe that I am writing this from the front porch of our farm house. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamt and prayed for a farm. I have always loved animals and have developed a passion for the garden into adulthood. The simple and slow lifestyle has only grown more appealing to me after having kids, but I would be lying if I said that this transition has been easy.

It has been anything but easy.

My husband and I have been keeping an eye out that “perfect” property for a few years now, but it was sort of on a whim that I found our new farm on Zillow just a couple months ago. It was just enough of a fixer upper that we thought we could tackle it and the land was exactly what we had been looking for, so we went for it!

But the real work didn’t begin until after closing day. We had 10 days to move from Soddy-Daisy to Dayton, Tennessee and also get paint and new carpet installed at the farm house. There wasn’t room in the budget for movers, so that meant taking as much as we could in our truck and trailer every evening and driving 40 minutes both ways. I really thought we didn’t have that much stuff, but then I started boxing it all up. I swear stuff grows when you try to put it in a box.

Our three and a half-year-old daughter was trilled with the late nights and the excitement of fixing up our new house to get ready to move into. However, our one-year-old son was less than enthusiastic. Being thrown off of his schedule made for restless nights and screaming car rides.

In the trenches of this new adventure I was feeling discouraged and impatient, but when I would get just a moment to reflect and pause in some silence, I knew we were doing the right thing and that this season was temporary. Even though I was exhausted and run-down, I knew it would be worth it to for them to grow up here.

The paint wasn’t completed before we had to officially be out of our old house so we spent several nights sleeping in our RV, showering in the house, and eating a lot of fast food and take out. All of our stuff was spread out all over the place, the grass was growing out of control and our mower wasn’t operational, and our daughter was really starting to miss her toys. I was again feeling the stress of lack of sleep and a deep desire to have our kitchen and bathrooms fully functional again, but as I walked out to the pasture at dusk to feed our chickens and lock them up for the night, I was reminded how much my heart longed for this place and that it would be worth it.

I wish I could share three easy steps for getting through an uncomfortable season, but honestly, I don’t think that’s possible. Sometimes we just have to sit in our discomfort, knowing that it is truly temporary and that it will be worth it. Your dreams and the desires you have for your life are worth trekking through seasons of discomfort. I will be cheering you on from the sidelines — you’ve got this Momma!

Our little fixer upper farm house is finally livable and functional after three long weeks of limbo and it was worth it. I would do it again for this view and the slice of peace I hope to carve out for my children to grow up in.



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