Wander Linger Brewing Company {Review}


Tucked behind the Moxy Hotel on King St. you will find a humble but lively brewery named Wander Linger. You may not have heard of it, but once you visit I guarantee you will want to go back. This place truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re a beer drinker, game player, or art enthusiast, you will love the atmosphere and positive vibes of Wander Linger. The 110-year-old building invites questions about the history of the area and brewery. I love that while it is just a short walk from the busy pace of the Choo Choo Museum and Southside, you can feel like you’re in a different city! 

First and foremost, we should talk about beer.

Wander Linger brews their beer on sight (all except their gluten-free beer) and offers extremely knowledgeable staff to answer your questions about their selection. I tasted three beers before deciding on the Hillwalker Session IPA. I love IPAs, but I have to be careful about the alcohol content because I’m a light weight! This one had only 5.0% ABV and had amazing flavor. I’m not a beer expert by any means, but I know a good beer when I taste one. They also offer lagers, ales, and stouts. You can check out the full menu here

The atmosphere of Wander Linger is very unique.

Before entering the old warehouse looking building, you can find a vast fenced in green space covered in picnic tables. Enter the building and you have your choice of tables or a seat at the bar where you can catch a glimpse of the brewery. We chose the back room because we met with a big group of moms and wanted some space to spread out. There we could lounge on sofas and chairs, and chitchat about, well, whatever moms talk about when no else is around! I loved the feeling that I was drinking beer in someone’s living room. Next time I visit, I want to sit by the large, open windows where you can look out over the railroad tracks. It looked more like a scene from The Bridges of Madison County than downtown Chattanooga.

Wander Linger doesn’t offer a full food menu, but they regularly invite food trucks to offer local food to their patrons. They recently added a couple of small bites and encourage customers to bring their own food; they even offer plates, utensils and napkins if you BYOF. 

I think the parking is worth noting, because if you’re like us parking can be a tiebreaker when deciding on a venue. Most places downtown or Northshore have street parking with an hourly rate. At Wander Linger, you can literally park by the front door and walk in for no charge. Awesome! 

As far as the entertainment goes, you will not be bored here.

They have plenty of board games, darts, and cards to keep you occupied while you drink and socialize. Check out their events page for an updated live music schedule and other cool events. This would be the perfect spot for a work or social event! You can call for a tour or ask questions about how to book an event, but my recommendation would be to just check it out for yourself.

Whether you want to visit with friends, coworkers or even your kids, you will not be disappointed with Wander Linger. I don’t know about you, but with a one-year-old and four-year-old, we are always looking for safe, outdoor space with clean bathrooms! The fact that they serve beer is just a huge perk. Just make sure you’re out before 8pm.

We will be back soon to visit in some fashion. I’m hoping it’s on that staycation that we keep talking about. But either way, it is our new favorite spot. 

Be sure to visit yourself and let us know what you think. Cheers!

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