5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Facebook Feed


5 Ways to Take Charge of Your Facebook Feed

I have to admit, I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. As a veteran who hasn’t lived in my hometown since senior year of high school, it has been a great tool to stay connected. On the other hand, the trolls are out of control and sometimes my anxiety just can’t take the level of absurdity I come across. Being a social media manager by day has its perks and I have learned how to manage my feed pretty well without leaving the platform.

So, if you are on the verge of shaking years of Timehops and digitally built friendships, try these things first and take charge of your Facebook feed:

1. Unfollow and Unfriend

Unfollowing is my #1 way to clean house. As much as we hate to admit it, many of us are tied to the politics and social blowback of unfriending our Aunt Mary who keeps sharing Candy Crush updates minute by minute. So when unfriending isn’t an option, just unfollow. There’s even a “Take a Break” option! This works for businesses and groups too. I’ve periodically hit unfollow on some of my favorite brands to avoid the rush of seasonal promotions. And, of course, if you are free to just cut ties, unfriending is the real MVP. 

2. Report Fake News and Problem Posts

I cannot stand someone sharing out right fake news. There are literally people who see the most mind-blowing news of their life and without a second’s thought, share it with their 10 years’ worth of Facebook friends across 15 countries. If you come across some fakery (is that a word?) or a post in one of the other categories, click the three dots in the corner, report post, and then make your selection. 

3. Engage on Posts You Like and Ignore The Posts You Don’t 

Facebook algorithms collect a massive amount of data about your engagement, likes and behavior across the platform. That’s how they are able to target you for their advertising customers. So when you are constantly clicking, watching, commenting and angry facing your least liked content, you are perpetuating the beast. Keep scrolling past the bait and you will see a decrease in that content. On the same note, make sure to engage in content you love. The more you comment on your nephew’s newest kid stunt, the more the algorithms will prioritize it in your feed. 

4. Drop Feedback on Ads

Once again, navigate to those three dots in the corner of the post and stop any ad you want. I do this a lot for items I have already purchased. I don’t need to keep seeing the ad for my new Pottery Barn mirror because I’ve already purchased it. I also do this for things in which I have no interest and for which I’m still seeing ads. I really don’t care to see half of what Wish is offering, so I hide those every chance I get. 

5. Edit Your Newsfeed Preferences (it’s easy!)

Yes, this is a full out option. It’s pretty easy to do and can be changed any time! You can do this from mobile or desktop, but since we are Moms and we (I) like to hide in the closet with Oreos and my phone, I have dropped the mobile directions below. Check out the Ads and stories settings while you’re in there. 

See those three lines at the top of the page again? Hit it > Settings > scroll down to Newsfeed Settings > Follow the on screen prompts to edit your preferences.

There you have it: 5 ways to take charge of your Facebook feed! For me, social media sites are the number one way I stay connected with people that are outside my immediate circle. By using some of the tips above, I can maintain those connections while also caring for my own mental health by controlling more of what I am exposing myself to. Hopefully these help you take charge too!

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