Artful Agenda


Artful AgendaAs crazy as it is to think about, the holiday season is almost upon us. If you’re anything like me, your calendar fills up at lightning speed during these last couple of months of the year. Thanks to mom brain, I can’t trust myself to remember all of my obligations, plus those of my family.

Enter Artful Agenda!

I’ve always been a paper planner type of girl, but as the world of iPhones and Google Calendar took off, I couldn’t keep up with a paper planner anymore. I would buy expensive ones, fill up the month of August, and then never think of it again. This summer I found something that meshed the best of both paper and digital calendars. Artful Agenda is a website/app that is an all-digital calendar, but has the beauty and aesthetic of a paper planner. You can pick your font, the cover design, and add all kinds of stickers. It makes my type A heart happy! Not only does it look beautiful, but it has all the functions I need to keep my days running smoothly.

I live by my Google Calendar, and Artful Agenda syncs every calendar I have seamlessly with Google. They update automatically, so there’s no work for me to do every time I add an event. I keep my personal calendar, work calendar, school system calendar, husband’s work calendar, and my family calendar all on my AA calendar, and I never miss a beat.

One of the things that most drew me into using Artful Agenda were the endless personalization options. With Google, I was able to change the colors of my calendars, but that was about it. With Artful Agenda, I can change the font, cover, layout view (there’s day view, week view, and month view), and I can add ALL kinds of stickers to my calendar…I love that so much! There is a priority task list for every day on which I keep all of my lesson plans for school on, and there’s a general list where I put things down I need to accomplish throughout the day. It also has a section for really large lists that I use for all sorts of things. You can even plan your meals and keep up with your water intake…the organization options are endless! I can keep it pulled up on my desktop all day when I’m at school, and then I can pull it up on my phone when I’m out and about and need to put down an appointment.

Week view.
Month view.
Day view.

When you sign-up for Artful Agenda, you have a two-week trial period to see if you like it. Once that’s up, you can pay month to month or for the entire year. I didn’t even blink when I paid for the year because I loved everything about it! They even have a handy Facebook group for insider tips and tricks. I’ve been a member since July, and they are constantly updating and improving their calendar options.

As silly as it sounds, this cute little calendar has simplified my life in many ways. I don’t have a huge paper calendar on my school desk anymore that just added to the clutter. I’ve taken down the paper calendar in our house that was skipped over and neglected. Instead of typing in every little thing that we need to remember (like picture day at school), I’ve just added cute little stickers that remind me of what’s happening.

If you’re a gal who loves a paper planner, but needs to live in the 21st century, give Artful Agenda a try! Hopefully you will love it as much as I do!