A Few of Our Favorite Things


A Few of Our Favorite Things

In February, our contributors met up at The Spot for an afternoon of pictures, food, and a favorite things gift exchange. Every person brought three of a favorite item in the $5-10 range. We drew names to see who would be the luck recipients. Each person then went home with three new fun things to try out!

We wanted to share our favorite things with you, too. So many local vendors were represented, which made it all the better.

Robin brought Crankshank Music Boxes from Blue Skies Chattanooga. These tiny boxes show the mechanics behind the music and play one little tune. 

Heather brought Sharpie pens, which are definitely a favorite of mine, too. 

Jamie brought a clip-on pot strainer. I might be adding this to my Amazon cart right now!

Reshae brought Life-Flo Rosehip Seed Oil, which she touted as part of her “post-30” skincare routine. Her skin is gorgeous, so I’m going to have to get some of this!

Celebrating her recent move to the country near Cleveland, Erin brought vintage farm-themed mugs. So cute!

Eleanor brought “Where the Heart Is” picture frames and Russell Stover Pecan Delight candies. Yes, please!

Shannon brought Dr. Teal’s lavender bath bombs. I’m a fan of these as well. The lavender scent is so great for relaxation and winding down before bed.

Rebecca brought a cheese skillet for melting cheese from the new, family-run Bleu Fox Cheese Shop on Main St. 

Jennifer brought a CD with her favorite songs. In her words, “Music is my thing.” Maybe she’ll grace us with a playlist on the blog soon.

Francesca brought a bag of Trader Joe’s goodies, since she lives in a “big city” with TJ’s. (SO JEALOUS.) The bags had plantain chips, dark chocolate almond bars, and the beloved Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning.

Beth said her real favorite is erasable pens, but in a time crunch she brought mini Wet Brush brushes. The travel size ones have a mirror and fold to drop in a purse. So handy!

Melissa brought honey pecan butter (from Ruffled Rooster) and lip balm purchased at Vinterest Southside, one of our favorite places to find a unique gift, nibble, or home good. 

Sarah brought VEHHE stainless steel straws. I love how this set has ones that are bent and ones that are straight as well as two cleaners.

Danielle brought a Young Living face mask, homemade coffee scrub, and Aveeno oatmeal bath. I was the lucky recipient of this goody bag, and I’ve been loving the coffee-lemon scrub for my hands. 

In honor of accepting Chattanooga as her home, Jama brought ‘noog art tiles from Tangerina’s

Brenda brought the Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector and Kleenex wipes to throw in a purse. Because what can’t wipes do, really? 

Kimberly brought homemade hot chocolate mix (from this recipe) and handcrafted marshmallows. Double yum! (Now that I see that recipe I kind of wish I had stolen some from another contributor…)

Our Georgia gal Cary brought bath salts from Chickamauga’s Le Frou Frou. Sadly the store is going out of business this month, so if you want some you better run down to Chickamauaga quickly!

Elizabeth brought tea from The Spice & Tea Exchange. I may have to head there because this blue tea is enchanting me from their website!

Natalie brought the book Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty. I can’t believe I’ve never thought to bring a book before! Brilliant and fun. (And this is a good one.)

And me? (I’m Jessie, by the way.) I brought my new favorite socks — cozy Harry Potter ones. I also tied on a Lemon Larabar for snacking. 

I kind of wish now that I’d stuck to a local vendor, though! If I had, I probably would have brought little bottles of White Peach Balsamic Vinegar from Olive Chattanooga. It is so dang amazing. Use it to make this salad and you won’t be sorry. 

What would you bring to a Favorite Things party? Do tell!