Top Family-Friendly Pizza Restaurants in Chattanooga


Top Family-Friendly Pizza Restaurants in ChattanoogaIn our house, Wednesday night is Pizza Night. With a family consisting almost exclusively of hungry — and notoriously picky — boys, Pizza Night is practically a sacred event. What is it about that magical combination of cheese, tomatoes and bread that makes pizza universally-loved? Thankfully, Chattanooga has loads of options for us to fulfill our cravings for the ‘za every Wednesday night! My kids and I sat down to rank some of our favorite local pizza places. Those that make our list serve up both delicious pizza and a welcoming atmosphere for pizza-lovers of all ages.

Top Family-Friendly Pizza Restaurants in Chattanooga:

Grab your next slice at one of our favorite places below!


With their “super famous cracker thin crust” and two convenient locations on either side of downtown, we had to include Crust Pizza on our list. The menu consists of specialty pizzas the kids will love, as well as options for the more sophisticated palate. The good food, good service, cool collaged tables and arcade games make Crust a solid choice for a family pizza night out. Don’t forget to grab a cupcake before you leave! My kids rated Crust a 5 out of 8 slices of the pie.


Claiming to be “Chattanooga’s only authentic New York pizza,” NYPD is worth the trek out to Hixson. Kids will love the New York police and fire station paraphernalia decorating the dining room, and when you see the size of the pies you will know that no one is ever going to leave hungry! The service at NYPD is top-notch. Even if your child spills an entire soda all over the floor (which I would know nothing about), the staff at NYPD is unfazed and will make your whole family feel welcome. Make sure to let the kids ring the fire bell on their way out the door! My little pizza-lovers rated NYPD with 7 out of 8 slices, only knocking off a star because it is such a long drive!

Mr. T’s

When asked which pizza place is their favorite, both my verbal children and my husband will say Mr. T’s Pizza and Ice Cream every time without hesitation. Mr. T’s has been around for 30 years and it has seen St. Elmo grow and change over those years. What hasn’t changed is the delicious made-from-scratch pizza and generous scoops of ice cream the restaurant serves every day. The relaxed atmosphere and reasonable prices make it a great choice for families. They recently introduced some vegan and gluten-free options as well! In spite of all the bells and whistles restaurants can provide these days, Mr. T’s steadfast approach and popularity prove that when you have good pizza you don’t need much else. Although, I am sure that ice cream doesn’t hurt either! My kids rate Mr. T’s an 8/8 slices!

Community Pie

Community Pie has to be the most kid-friendly pizzeria on our list. Kids will love the colorful murals and watching the chefs slinging pies through the big windows looking into the kitchen, plus your server will happily bring them a piece of dough to play with while they wait. Kids eat free on Monday as well, as long as they are wearing their Monen restaurant kid’s shirt. The kids’ menu (which can be colored, of course) includes pizza by the slice, spaghetti and meatballs, gelato with sprinkles and even breakfast for dinner if you happen to have one of those rare pizza-hating children in your midst. Adults will enjoy choosing between Neapolitan, New York, or Detroit-style pizza as well as the delicious specialty cocktails. The only thing that is not family-friendly at Community Pie is the bathroom. There is no changing table, so come prepared if you have little ones in diapers! Community Pie received 6 out of 8 slices from the discerning pizza critics in my house.

Home Slice

In our family, Home Slice has the home team advantage. Located minutes from our home in Highland Park, and with a very reasonable delivery fee plus convenient online ordering, we are always calling in a pizza when we don’t want to leave the couch. While the recently expanded dining room could use a little work to make it a bit more family-friendly (high chairs would be a good start!), the pizza is great! The Happy Hawaiian is a Haddock family favorite. What really sets Home Slice apart from the rest is the expansive and scrumptious vegan menu! You can get everything from cheese bread, to buffalo chick-un pizza, to ice cream or fried Oreos for your vegan pals. Whenever it is time for a sleepover with our kids’ vegan friends, we know just who to call for those sleepover food staples. My kids rate Home Slice 6 out of 8 slices!

Lupi’s Pizza Pies

We are rounding out our pizza roundup with another Chattanooga pizza pie staple. Lupi’s Pizza Pies has been making delicious local pizza since 1996. Their commitment to using local ingredients and recycling as much as they can is awesome. Kids will enjoy the relaxed, fun dining room, but I have to admit, the take-and-bake pizza option is my favorite part of Lupi’s menu! Perfect for dinner after those long days when you just can’t imagine wrangling kids at a restaurant, but you don’t feel like cooking either, a fresh pie from Lupi’s beats a frozen grocery store pizza hands down! Lupi’s receives another 6 out of 8 slices from my kids whose mouths are now watering!

Some additional pizza places around town that did not quite make our list, but that you may like to try are Southside Pizza, Pizza Bros, Fiamma and Pizzeria Cortile. As you can see, there is definitely plenty of the pie to go around in our Scenic City! And if you are interested in seeing even more reviews of local pizza places, check out Chattanooga Pizza Review!

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  1. We like to go to Gondolier’s on Lee Hwy or Rafael’s in Collegedale. Both have family friendly dining areas and pizzas are buy one get one free!

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