Motherhood in Haikus: Round 2


Motherhood in Haikus: Round 2

I don’t know much, but I do know this: motherhood is not for the weak. There are frustrating occasions, happy times, and moments of sheer exhaustion. At this point, I think I’ve written about all of them. Rather than isolating one topic, I thought maybe a proverbial grab bag of my inner thoughts was a better option.

And so, it’s time for another round of motherhood musings based on my favorite type of poem: the haiku (my first round can be found here). So sit back, and enjoy some 5/7/5 syllable poetry about my endless reflections on motherhood.


When your week is hard,

Try to find humor in it.

Go ahead and try.

Haikus are easy!

Making one is super fun.

You should do it too!


  1. YES! I’m with Maggie, but I also love the Domino’s nod (I too am weak by Thursday, my friend) and the STOP. Thanks for the smiles!

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