Guilt-Free Spending: My Top 4 Splurges


Guilt-free Spending: My Top 4 SplurgesA friend of mind messaged me one day and told me about her new business venture. She was opening up her own cleaning business and I asked if I would try her out. She was running an incredible special and she wanted to get some feedback from customers about her work. I initially hesitated. I had this notion that only “rich” people had a housekeeper. My second concern was feeling like I couldn’t handle it on my own when so many other moms I know do. Ultimately, I wanted to help out my friend and figured I could just this one time.

She came the following week. She asked us some basics about what areas we wanted to focus on and went straight to work. I spent most of that day downstairs in our office space to not disturb her and tried to keep the kids in a central location. Some hours later she came and told me she was done. I expected things to be somewhat tidier than we keep things, but nothing prepared me for what I saw. This woman literally transformed my house. I could see my reflection in the granite counters; the stove top stains were completely erased. The tubs were squeaky clean. The freshly vacuumed floors looked like it had been shampooed. What sorcery was this? Whose house was this? And what kind of cleaning had we been doing before she came? Even the kids were in awe. She cleaned so well, I didn’t want to feed the kids in the kitchen for fear of ruining this new space we now lived in. I knew in that moment, I would have her come at least once a month to do this again.

A splurge is defined as a means to indulge oneself of things that are not necessarily needed. But what does that really mean? We tend to think of splurges as buying products or items. But I think the word “splurge” is subjective and spending money on a service that helps relieve stress is well worth it.

Here are some things I have splurged on and LOVED:

1. Housecleaning

There are tons of cleaning services in the Chattanooga area. Many are locally owned and operated. Most services allow you to pick a plan that fits your budget and family needs. Check Groupon for deals and specials as well as Facebook groups for people who clean as a side job.

2. Professional organizer

My daughter’s closet was becoming unbearable. Her room stays clean for the most part but I realized she was stuffing everything into the closet. As her interest changed as well as her ever growing body, her closet became a safe haven for worn clothes and some sentimental toys. This was becoming a hindrance for getting out of the house in the morning while she searched for things she needed. We needed to figure out a functional way to keep things organized. Enter professional organizer: Heather Winston with Organization By Heather. I didn’t even know this was a thing until recently. Heather will come in to simplify your space; declutter and make things more functional for your family.

3. Meal prepping service

I know that meal prepping is all the rage these days to help you eat healthier by preparing early for daily meals. I see people doing this on Sunday nights with all the fresh food and plastic bowls organized and ready to go. But Sundays for me are my only down time. It’s my only day to decompress and mentally prepare for the week ahead. Enter professional meal prepper: Charde Terry with Charming Eats. The meals are so tasty, well portioned and you can purchase from five meals up to 14. She is a local caterer, so I’m not tied into utilizing this service every week, but it has been so nice to just go pick my meals up and have them ready. She also offers family size meals which have been a huge hit in my home.

4. Family vacation

My husband and I have been married for 3 years this spring. He and I have only taken trips together before this year. We decided to do our first family trip to Panama City as the drive wasn’t to unbearable for our two year old. We rented a three bedroom condo from VBRO which included an incredible view of the ocean. Not to mention all the space and amenities to keep everyone happy. From the local zoo to shopping at Pier Park, there was something for each kid to enjoy. We didn’t mind splurging on this vacation because the memories are priceless. We plan to keep doing one big trip in the spring and something closer to home in the fall. Either way family vacations are now a part of our budget.

I encourage you to think outside the box. Find ways to make life easier and stress free for yourself and your family.


  1. Such a dope article! I recently splurged on a house keeper and my life is forever changed!!! Although when I do my budget I label this as mental health/ self care because it absolutely keeps me sane!!

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