Hand-Me-Downs are the Best Gift


Hand-Me-Downs are the Best Gift

Do you know what says love to a mom-to-be? Hand-me-downs. I believe they are one of the greatest gifts that you can give to a mom. Hand-me-downs are more than clothes; they represent someone saying I love you and I support you, in other words “I’m part of your village.”

When I became pregnant with my second child, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about buying his wardrobe. During my first pregnancy, I had multiple showers for my little girl, which led to more outfits than I could possibly count. Let’s just say there were more outfits than days she could wear those outfits. The good thing was that we were able to store away all those precious pink outfits for future girl children. As it turns out, baby #2 would be a boy. After learning this news, I totally expected to buy the majority of his clothes.

Except I didn’t.

I had multiple bags of clothes given to me; some of the clothes even had tags still on them! Friends and family members passed on more clothes than my son could ever wear his first year. These hand-me-downs meant more to me than just clothes for my baby. It is such a thoughtful and kind gift to pass along. Nowadays, you can sell, donate, or put away clothes in storage, but these women chose to give them to me out of love. 

Hand-me-downs are a blessing, y’all.

My kids have a mixture of new clothes and hand-me-down items. I plan to pass on my kids’ clothes too.

So, thank you to all the moms who pass on your children’s clothing. You are loving, kind, and being the definition of a “village.” Please know that your child’s clothing will be appreciated and treasured. The mama who you passed them on to will think about you for years. You gave away freely what you didn’t have to.

To pay it forward, I’m handing down my children’s clothes too. If you would like to pass along clothes or goods, but you’re not sure who to give to, I encourage you to check out your local mom groups, local “free” groups, or this post if you would like to make a local donation center or charity.

The gift of giving, no matter how small or large the quantity, is a lovely gesture. The impact of your gesture can trickle down for generations. So, again thank you to all who pay it forward

Are you a hand-me-downs fan?