Mom Needs a Break: Recharging Through Fitness


Mom Needs a Break Recharging Through Fitness

I have always enjoyed fitness. Since I was a preteen, I embarrassingly enjoyed working out to 1980’s VHS tapes. Over the years, I upped my fitness routine to include more weighted exercises and more active hobbies like hiking. It’s not really the sweating or the struggling to breathe part that I love about fitness, but my decrease in stress levels and overall improvement in my mood. Exercise has always been one of my top self-care practices.

Once I became a mom, POOF — that part of my life ended.

I didn’t have time to do those things or anything I considered an actual hobby. My new hobbies included sleeping, eating, and showering. I didn’t mind giving up those things because I had this new adorable baby to occupy all of my time, but that’s just it – she occupied ALL of my time. I found I had no time to myself, except for when I showered, which became my sanctuary. I knew I needed to add more items to my self-care routine or I was going hit my breaking point. I needed a break — a mom break.

My mind would always spin back to working out when thinking of a good self-care plan. I mean, I still needed to lose the baby weight and I knew the positive mental benefits of exercise (studies show working out helps lessen stress, anxiety, and depression).

At first, I attempted to work out at home. There are tons of great and free programs like Fitness Blender and programs aimed at postpartum women like Sweat by Kelsey Wells. However, when I attempted to work out, my toddler did everything in her power to stop me. My toddler decided it was hilarious to climb all over me if I did floor exercises or her mouth would water at the sight of my sports bra cleavage and then determine it was time to eat for the 100th time that day. 


So, I decided to join Gold’s Gym.

I chose Gold’s Gym because it was my cheapest option that included childcare. It also had the best hours for my convenience. Not only was I excited to work out and have some alone time, but also for my toddler to be able to learn independence slowly (she had just turned a year old). It was fabulous. I got time ALONE. I could even go to the bathroom in peace. That’s priceless itself. But more than that, I can listen to music that isn’t Super Simple Songs and no one touches me or my BOOBS for an hour (if you’re a breastfeeding mama, you feel me).

Along from losing inches and gaining back muscle, my gym time started to become “me” time and that’s invaluable. I started to get a piece of myself back. I wasn’t just “Lily’s mom” anymore, but I could relax and be my pre-mom self. I found myself recharged and felt good each time I left the gym.

Even though Gold’s Gym had a great childcare facility, I started to prefer the gym in the evening, so I can drive my pre-child car (aka not my minivan) and leisurely run errands afterwards. You know, run errands without worrying about a screaming toddler, and just take my time. Sometimes, I have even “worked out” by just relaxing in the sauna and hot tub at Gold’s Gym.

Besides all this wonderful time to relax and be alone, I have lost inches and gained muscle. I am so much more confident in my clothes and stronger, which means my back aches less from carrying around my toddler. Plus, I have more energy throughout the day. My self-care time makes me look forward to working out and I am committed to it. Afterwards, I can always treat myself by going by my favorite store for a cute new top or just window shop.

Gold’s Gym staff is very helpful in helping you reach your goals too.

The trainers can set you up with a plan and work with you to help meet the plan’s objectives. There’s also a scan machine that reads your body fat levels, so you can reach your optimal health goals. Plus, there’s a virtual trainer app, group classes, water facilities (pool, hot tub, and sauna), and childcare if you need it! Grab your free pass here.

Are you ready to start your fitness journey? Search #fitmom on Instagram for inspiration. You’ll find a lot of moms trying to lose their baby weight, but they end up discovering so much more on their fitness journey like relearning to love their body, that being strong is empowering, the benefits of releasing stress, and that sweating is a great form of self-care. You are bound to gain those same benefits from your own journey!

Is fitness a part of your self-care regime? No matter what fitness level you are, be sure to check out Gold’s Gym to learn more about how they can help you meet your goals.